We Are TripArt

Once upon a time..

in a kingdom full of content chaos filled with words, concepts, static images, and scrolling lead to confusion, and boredom.

But there was  hope ..

Who are we?

We are the headline of your website!

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could watch within a minute a video of how your business works in a story telling way? People love a good story!

We are artists

Directing your Dreams!

We let our imagination run wild when it comes to creating! Tripart is specialized in corporate explainer videos with infographics, animation, live action, editing, and screenwriting.

We are a 21st century Advertising Agency

Rocking your digital world!

A TripArt video on a well designed website will Promote your product effectively, Increase your conversion rates, Create Product Awareness, Craft an experience for your visitor and Attract investors!

We are nerd caliber

Converting caffeine into codes!

We develop websites, mobile applications, and present technical solutions always with an artistic touch to provide a competitive edge.

A video..

on your landing page will


  • Increase your conversion rate by 20%
  • Rank higher in Google and the Social Media!
  • Reassure your customers purchase decision
  • Enhance employer branding

More likely to make a sale 


Conversion Rate 


Higher Rank 




We are creators!

let us craft your website videos

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Danai Katopodi

Danai has a strong background in the creative arts sector. Specifically she is in charge of animation, interactive technology, Video Graphics, Special Effects as well as professional screen directing. When she is not caught up directing a "Hollywood" film she is on top of our team to ensure the quality of our services. Her dream is to direct a cult horror film and become a citizen of Sealand. Currently she is producing short films and commercials in the sector of tourism and culture as well as online gaming.

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Lydia Massonou

Lydia is head of our marketing Department. While everyone else is having fun she tries to make sure Tripart puts on a good face. She is in charge of Public Relations, Digital Marketing (Earned Media), Integrated Marketing Communication Plans and Sales. She is also in charge of recruiting and keeping everybody happy (employer branding). Her dream is to show Don Draper how digital marketing is done!

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Iris Kolla
IT Developer

Iris is head and coordinator of our research and technology development department. With an experience in website and application development as well as programming for a number of years she will go the extra mile from creating an ordinary website to an extraordinary one. Once she is done with the coding she will also contribute her artistic touch. Even though she has not built a time machine yet, she is wrapping up on an important project in the near future, developing technological tools and applications such as 3D gesture Controllers.

         Take a glance!


      This video is a sample
      of what TripArt is capable of
      in terms of creativity.



How we do it

Take a peak Behind the scenes of TripArt

Animation Videos Bringing to Life Character design / Storyboards Illustration Screen Writing Infographic Videos
Film Production Directing, Filming, Editing Landing page videos Corporate (How to Videos) and keynote videos Short/Branding documentaries and trailers
Responsive Websites Optimizing Space Web Design and Development eCommerce, Blogs, Content Architecture Redesign of your website based on Inbound Marketing needs
Application Development Coding Ideas Mobile web apps Virtual reality enhanced apps
Social Media Advertising Increasing Conversion Rates Adwords Campaigns Videos seo Facebook / youtube ads / Linkedin
Co-Production Sharing our Hardware Working together with other production companies Renting out state of the art equipment



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